About Our Pet Facility

About Friends Fur Life - dogging resting in dog bed


It has always been a dream and passion to surround myself and others with animals. I've been an animal lover since I was a child, and often brought home many strays that filled our home for years. In April 2019, my dream came true. Understanding a busy lifestyle, but not wanting to miss out on having fur babies, I knew this opportunity was perfect.

We offer numerous options for daycare that will accommodate your busy lifestyle. this includes full-time, part-time, membership packages, daily drop-offs and group rates for multiple dog families. We recently renovated our 900-square-foot building that offers a modern cabin decor, and a multi-gated design to create a lower-stress, safe environment for your family members. in addition, large patio doors and a new 200-square-foot deck, which includes a ramp leading off to the massive, fenced backyard which is covered by pea-stone for cleanliness and safety. Our facility also accommodates a groomer on site who is focused on providing a stress-free and safe experience using a large hydraulic bathtub and hydraulic grooming tables.

Our motto is safety first, and then love. We are a kennel-free daycare, and we strive to provide a fun but safe and loving environment for your loved ones.

We are extremely honoured that you trust us with your fur baby(ies) and we will work hard to maintain that trust. Thank you for your business and support.
— Tami-Rae Rourke, Owner

2023 Member - International Boarding & Pet Services Association